pimpelwit guest writer bij bloesem kids

Door de werkdrukte had ik deze even gemist…vanaf nu is Pimpelwit regelmatig guest writer op Bkids

Guest post: Tolo toys…

**Guest post written by Marieke van Proosdij from Pimpelwit
Every so now and then I receive newsletters from some great internet shops. It is always very tempting to see what great new stuff they have, specially now I have a kid. My little one is growing into a real boy now and likes cars and everything on wheels. He plays from the moment he wakes up till he falls from his chair, so tired after a hard day of playing. He also likes new adventures…I am still talking about playing…                                                           


So when I received the newsletter from psikhouvanjou I could not resist and ordered some great new toys from Tolo. I invited one of his big buddies Bruun and when they both saw the new toys they where going wild. Absolutely great stuff. It lookes adorable, al the legs and arms move and twist around.


..Tolo toys..
..images by Marieke from Pimpelwit..

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